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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Turquoise as inspiration

Whether you want to deck yourself in turquoise from head to toe is a personal choice because this vibrant colour is sure to get you noticed. If a full turquoise outfit is too much for you, it can be worn as an accent colour – think a scarf, shoes, a purse or jewellery. Turquoise jewellery it great to offset an all-black or all-white outfit and most pieces are affordable. If they are not, cheaper, synthetic versions are available. Turquoise mixes well with browns, neutrals and deep blues and is very trend-setting with yellow-greens. This season the colour should be worn boldly for a strong Bohemian statement. (taken from this link)
So if I take turquoise as my starting point I can then go off in one of these directions
1. Monochrome + turquoise
Black and white pieces teamed with the turquoise accents - think East's Avignon Collection.
2. Browns
Turquoise and brown is absolutely lovely. I do fear a little though that its getting to be a slightly dated combo and isn't as fresh as the black and white. Having said that it is in the Pantone report for Autumn Winter as Lagoon and Chocolate Truffle, so maybe more of a cool weather combination.
3. Neutrals
This is more of a summer take on the turquoise and brown. The lighter neutrals - all those taupe, stone, beige type colours imply warmer weather. I don't have a lot of stash in those colours though as its not something I can wear around the face, though its just about OK for trousers.
4. Deep blues
Turquoise and deep blue is a lovely combination. The only minus is I love it so much I did it last year already. I do wear a lot of that stuff, and I think the blue undertones are particularly nice with the turquoise, they contrast but in a nice way.
5. Yellow greens
Ooooh now this has a little bit of spice to it. I have to say I really like the way chartreuse type colours pop with turquoise.
I like the top row of these colour combinations from Designs In Paper and think it could really work as the basis of a wardrobe.
The blue could be deepened further and work with the turquoise and the chartreuse, and I think that really does say Spring/Summer. East have a collection which uses similar colours - East's Mosaic Collection I would replace their wedgewood blue with the turquoise.

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Sharon said...

Ruthie, thank you for all the links, I am also having trouble with the trend so this was really useful and I can see you in that East collection.