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Monday, 10 May 2010

SWAP Photos are up at Stitchers Guild

The SWAP photos are now up and there are 14 entries for your enjoyment.
If you are a member at Stitchers Guild you can vote for whichever one you like best.
Obviously if you like one of mine (Botanical Garden or Amber Glow) then please vote for me, but pick your favourite.
For those not familiar with Flickr -  the link takes you to a Collection page where you can see sets of all the entries.
Click on a set to see more.  Click Detail to see all the photos on one page, you can then click on each photo to see more - 'all sizes' above the photo will give you an enlarged view.

Voting is open to all current members of Stitcher’s Guild.
Voting ends midnight Saturday 15 May
You have three votes - for first, second and third places.
You may not vote for yourself.
Please email Ann Rowley your three choices in order to
annrowleyukuk at yahoo.co.uk 
The subject should be  SWAP vote
Please sign your email with your Stitcher’s Guild identity.
You first vote is final – you may not change your vote.

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