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Sunday, 30 May 2010

Vogue 2046 Adri pattern from 1997

Adri Pattern Vogue 2046 from 1997 turns out to be in my stash but I think the pieces would need some alterations to be modern and flattering to my figure.
This must be a Winter time pattern as it has long sleeves and wool jacket etc
I notice a few common denominators among the various wardrobe patterns in my stash, (I also have some Vogue Career Wardrobe patterns from 1994, 1995 and 1996) which are
- neutral colour palette (grey/black, taupe/white, charcoal/black, check/black/white, cream)
- simple uncluttered pieces (round neck, V neck, classic notched collar) with no frills or excessive detail.
- shown with simple accessories - classy earrings, watch, scarf, bangle, handbag etc
- body skimming silhouettes
- The pieces generally included are jacket , dress, top, skirt and pants although one slightly daringly has long shorts instead of a skirt. The dress is generally just the top elongated or with a skirt portion added.
- The top/dress neckline is either a simple round neck or echoes the neckline of the jacket.
- Underlayers have slim sleeves to fit under the jacket.

Armed with this information I think it would prove fairly simple to construct your own wardrobe pattern by pulling pieces from your various TNTs and as long as the colour palette was consistent, the necklines and sleeves work together and the various lengths harmonise nicely it could really work.

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