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Thursday, 3 June 2010

Jacket fitting

I am going to have another go at fitting a jacket. After 2 muslins I am going to try in fabric I like but wasn't expensivve, but make the jacket up all the way to see how it works out.
After much debate I am going to use a sage green twill and cream/green poly print for a lining with some age green buttons.
I'll then quickly sew up a matching skirt and then with existing tops I should have an outfit straight away.
I'll wear it a bit to check the jacket works before cutting into more expensive fabric.

After that I'll probably need the mental break and do some TNT tops and trousers but then I would like to muslin for a knit dress and a woven dress and see if I can bottom out the issue I have had with dresses.

One idea for a knit dress is to take the modified Jalie wrap top, cut it off at waist length and add a skirt.
The nicest knit dresses I have seen use a dark background print as their basis which I find interesting. However nice print knits are very rare beats in these parts so I probably won't get to try that out.

Tired now so off to bed. Happy sewing!

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