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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Self Stitched September

Self Stitched September is a follow on from Me Made May which I didn't participate in this encourages bloggers to wear and share clothing they have made themselves everyday for a month.
I couldn't run to whole outfits everyday, but could definitely have one piece.
In the past I used to have one piece I made everyday, though often it was just jewellery - usually bead earrings, or next most often a knit top.

As a practice for that I might try when I go to the Stitchers Guild London weekend at the end of July, to take and wear as much 'made by Ruthie' pieces as possible.
The better I get a wardrobe sewing the easier that gets!

(Now if I allowed myself thrifted items - ie stuff from charity shops - it would be easier as I have a few pre owned items in regular rotation).

Not sure I could manage photos every day though, especially if I was away with work.

Updated to add a bit of feedback to some of the comments.
Joy - yes I have made a lot of clothes, but I have not made many nice jackets, and my working life needs jackets.
To have an entirely made by me wardrobe that fitted my lifestyle I would need to sew a lot of jackets, soft jackets and cardigans as my layering pieces. I would also need more tailored pants and some more jeans. And slightly surprisingly, for this time of year some short sleeved tees, as the ones I have made in the past have long sleeves mostly.
I have been looking at simple unlined jacket patterns, after a post on SewingPlum's blog sparked some ideas. Some old Prima magazine patterns I saved for unlined jackets/coverups look interesting.
One has a waterfall front, another a doubled band around the front and neck, and a third a simple shawl type collar and single button.

The stuff I have made for myself is more and more wearable, though I've had a few gone wrong moments.


Maryissewfast said...

I agree with you Ruthie...I could do an Op shop October for sure!

Joy said...

You've made so many clothes -wardrobes! - I'm sure you should have little trouble.

I've joined SSS - but need to be really sewing like made, now! To practice up and get a feel for what I really need as far as basics, I've been doing my own Me-Made-Mondays.

Joy said...

I mean, "sewing like mad!"

Jenny said...

Cool! I did Me Made May (1 item a day) and it was a lot of fun. I have to say, I assumed you wear almost exclusively things you make since you make so many great wardrobes!