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Sunday, 20 June 2010


OK so I fibbed, I am not making black trousers after all, but instead have cut out some dark blue jeans in a trouser style.
I will thread my new overlocker (serger) up with dark blue thread and see how I get on with the machine and the jeans.
I have some ideas for interesting back pockets but not sure yet that they will work OK.

Update - good progress made on jeans. Two pairs of back pockets made becuase the first ones were too literal an interpretation of the theme I had in mind.
Front pockets constructed, back darts constructed, lots of edges serged to keep the bits down - did I mention I got a new overlocker (serger). Its beautiful and is soo much quieter than the old Janome 134D, you can even tell what song is on the radio whilst using it! (The old Janome serger was compared by DH to a pneumatic drill when he was trying to watch TV in the room below).

Then there comes a point in the evening where you get a bit dopey - folks this is the point to stop sewing - you can switch to reading sewing blogs if you still need a fix, or maybe a bit of hand sewing - buttons or hems perhaps, but you have got to leave the machines alone.
This is the time of night when sergers unthread themselves, cut holes in garments, you sew over you finger with the sewing machine, press something poly on cotton setting etc, so as insurance I stop now when I start to feel tired, and the sewing room accidents are right down. Funny hey?


quietandsmalladventures said...

good luck!! i have a pair of jeans and a pair of black pants simmering in my "need to make" mental list. glad to know i'm not the only one!

sdBev said...

Go for it!! I can personally testify that when you find the perfect jeans, it's like being transported to heaven. Good luck.

kbenco said...

I am a jeans making convert - ones that fit are soooo much better.
Your new overlocker sounds terrific.