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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Purchased jacket

Today I saw a fun jacket which really appealed so I bought it.
This picture is from the EWM website and the print is more broken up on the jacket I purchased, but it gives a good idea of the style.
The buttonholes are red which is a nice touch.
It should work well with other red, black or white pieces already in my wardrobe and will be great for work - very me.


sdBev said...

Neat jacket! Since you're unsure of your jacket sewing skills, it's OK to buy a jacket for your wardrobe. I mean, Julia Child went out to eat, why shouldn't you buy something you need?

Jen said...

Love the jacket and Bev's comment about Julia, so true. I think the jacket will look great with your newspaper collection.

a little sewing said...

that's really cute!

Jenni said...

Absolutely gorgeous. Very you and perfect for work. You will look super smart.

Sharon said...

Great jacket and will fit right into your wardbrobe. Enjoy.