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Friday, 18 June 2010

Coverstitch Hemming

A tip from Jenni cracked the problem I was having with the Coverstitch. I was using poor quality thread in one of the needles that kept breaking. I switched it out for an identical looking but better quality spool and hemmed the dress.
Here it is with the belt tied at the front. It doesn't hang right on a hanger - my widest bit is the hips, which are not demonstrated in a hanger shot.
Perhaps a photo this weekend of me actually wearing it :-).

I am not sure what I want to sew next. Inspiration is not striking me. I have black thread on all three machines, so something black would make sense. Perhaps my current fave Burda trouser pattern with side pockets.

However I am planning to test drive new sergers/overlockers tomorrow as I want to replace the 15 year old one which sounds like a pneumatic drill (according to DH).

I also ordered some KnipMode magazines from Naaipatronen.nl as they have a 3 for 2 offer on the magazines and I have wanted to try them for a while. I think Dutch style might be quite me.


sdBev said...

Intersting about the thread. I know my embroidery machine is really picky with metallic threads, but both the serger and SM handle the same thread with ease. Your new serger may not have the same problem at all.

Unknown said...

Bad thread can be deceiving. I used cheap thread on my humble janome recently and I've now binned all six reels. I also realise the merits of good quality thread. Have fun with knit dresses.