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Sunday, 6 June 2010

What to sew next

Pattern review have a wardrobe contest running at the moment, and I love a wardrobe contest. I have the fabrics chosen and have cut out a knit top today but not sewn it up.
On the other hand I could probably do with certain fill in the gaps type items in my wardrobe, some of them boring (black trousers with flat front and pockets) and some of them experimental (aubergine border print maxi dress).
I'd also like to sew a knit dress based on the Jalie cross over top, and would like to have ready some dress and jacket TNTs (though have not put the work into these yet).

Mayeb I can rotate round between things over the next 3 months.
a) fill in the gaps sewing basics
b) interesting projects which suddenly appeal
c) muslins and test garments
d) wardrobe contest

I wonder how best to get the balance between creativity and planning in my sewing.

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