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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Pink and white knit top

I originally made this knit top as part of the PR Wardrobe Contest in 2007.
I wore it a bit and then lost some weight, but put it to one side to be resized later.
Later has now come, and its been recut down to a new smaller size which is lovely.
The pattern on both occasions was the Jalie crossover top.

This top works with the Botanical Garden Collection clothes, so plenty to wear with it.
One thing I need to remember is that coral pink is very flattering to me and I should find ways to wear it around the face. One of those colours where minimal makeup is required to make me look fresh and well.
(Remember the pink lace top? That got me a 'you're glowing comment' which was lovely :-)  )

Slightly annoyingly the coverstich machine's looper thread ran out about 6 inches before I finished the hem last night , at this point it was midnight so I threaded the upper threads back through on the fabric and tied them off and went to bed.
Today I had to get the manual out to work out how to thread the looper and also rethreaded a needle.
After a few samples we were off and I finished the top.

All that for 6 inches, since I am now going to change to black thread on all the machines and make a few more items. Ah well its valuable experience learning the machine, and a whole lot LESS annoying than when I first learned to thread and use the overlocker/serger. That was soo bad I'd put off sewing for days because I couldn't face it. These days I hope I am made of sterner stuff.

Not sure if the coverstitch is simpler, or becuase I can already cope with a serger, the coverstitch makes sense?


sdBev said...


I used to dread rethreading my serger. Then one day, after about 4 years, I realized it wasn't a problem any more. I had gotten to that point where I was comfortable with threading the serger as threading my SM. I hope that day comes for you too.

Jenni said...

Lovely top and well done on facing up the serger threading demon. I know how you feel, but one day you will sit at the machine, rethread without the manual, and feel like the cleverest person on earth. It WILL happen.