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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Upcoming sewing plans

I'm generally very co-ordinates focussed and really love sewing co-ordinating collections of simple clothes.
I did two collections for the Stitchers' Guild SWAP and have also been working on a collection in black/white/red. I'd then planned out a turquoise/chartreuse/dried sage wardrobe for the PR contest, but I've only made one piece for it.

However at the moment I am wanting a break from co-ordinated collections, and think I might sew as the projects unfold naturally if that makes any sense. Having just finished the black/red/white dress with black bands I have black on all the machines, and one thing I would like to have in my wardrobe is a pair of textured black trousers with pockets. I have a nice RTW pair but they are plain and pocketless which requires always carrying the handbag.

So I think those might be the next project and after that who knows. Its nice to be sewing without a plan, or even a colour scheme in mind, though I think I will say to myself that anything I sew has to be wearable straight away, so season appropriate and other stuff to make an outfit already in the wardrobe, but other than that its free choice!


Jenni said...

Well, as you know, I am always in favour of black trousers. So versatile. I hope you enjoy your run of less planned sewing.

sdBev said...

It's perfectly alright to change your sewing strategy. Sewing capsules, wardrobes, and coordinates is a good focused way to create a usable wardrobe. But sewing is also a creative endeavor. I think that taking this "break" could allow your creative impulses to be expressed. It's all good. Enjoy