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Monday, 22 October 2012

4" Christmas tree

I decided I wanted some handwork to do whilst watching TV after dinner, and cut out a 4" felt Christmas tree. I'm adding beads to represent the garlands, baubles and star, and then will sew it to another one, stuff gently and add a hanging loop.
It's very sweet and I'm already quite fond of it!
The felt is from the stash and is very scratchy, so may be wool.


Kyle said...

Awww that is quite sweet!!

RhondaBuss said...

Really sweet Ruthie!

Anonymous said...

Ruth, that is so sweet. Will it be for you or someone else? One of my friends is the best gift wrapper on the planet, and she would use this as part of the "topper". As for me, I can barely get the paper all the way around the box, worst gift wrapper ever.

Karen said...

It's great to work on ornaments throughout the year. If you pick them up whenever you have a spare moment (watching TV, waiting for an appointment or to pick up your kid(s) from somewhere), you can get quite a few done each year. My husband loves handmade ornaments, so I do as many as I can.

Jenni said...

What a gorgeous little ornament. Your tree, or mantlepiece will be the best dressed in town.