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Friday, 26 October 2012

Sewing dilemma: Autumn or Christmas

I have a sewing dilemma. I'm currently sewing things for my Autumn collection
but then I heard today that I have a table at the village Christmas Market in 2 weeks time, and although I have some stock, I have loads of ideas of things I want to sew and craft.

I have a project half done though, do I blast on through and try to finish it before moving on to sewing for the Christmas Market, or do I pack it up neatly and get going with my Christmas inspiration?

I started to do fabric decoupage baubles, but they are not working out so great, I think my glue was watered down a little too much and the fabric is too thick to bend nicely round the curves.
I think dinner is the way forward and I will decide later.....


Jenni said...

Christmas sewing I think. Mainly from the purely selfish viewpoint that I'd like to see more of the little felt ornaments. :)

Kyle said...

I think too, Christmas sewing first, since that one has a "hard deadline" (i.e. the date of your craft fair)