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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

More sofa slipcover thoughts

Someone helpfully suggested the book 'Slipcovers and Bedspreads' which arrived today. Its an original from 1979, but seems to cover what I need. Interestingly whilst some of the styles are very dated, others would work fine in modern decor, and ironically look fresher then my 1980s Laura Ashley soft furnishing book.

Usefully the yardage estimates chart includes styles very similar to my furniture, so with a tailored skirt and the fabric used across, I need 19 3/4 yards (18 metres) for the sofa and 9 yards (8.2 metres) for the chair. I also have a basic beanbag footstool which needs 1 1/2 yards (1.4). The UK went metric for fabric sales some years back so I have converted using an online calculator.
This totalls 30.25 yards or 28 metres of fabric.

Now this is 45 to 54" wide fabric, and mine will probably by 60" wide, but still however you skin it that's a lot of fabric.

Its raining heavily here and the trick or treaters are few are far between. My thoughts are with the folks affected by Sandy over in the US.
Stitchers Guild seems to be down so I'm guessing they've lost power in the storm, and hope everyone is OK.


Sharon said...

Sounds like this book is perfect for what you were looking for. So glad I'm not the only one that can't access Stitchers Guild, hope they are all okay.

Dixie said...

Thanks for thinking about us in the storm. We fared ok here in central Massachusetts, with some power outages but not much damage. The coastline is another story altogether, where the surf did so much damage.
There's no telling where the server for Stitcher's Guild is, but it's likely that area is without power.

Kyle said...

30 yards of fabric!! wow!!