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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Christmas woolly hearts

Made these for the Christmas market next Saturday, but they are so sweet I'd quite like to keep them for myself.
Source fabric was a rather nice dry clean only jacket I machine washed. Ruined it as a jacket, but the slightly open weave felted up really nicely! So I decided they would make CUUUTE Christmas decorations.


A few details on how I made them. First up the heart shape was traced from the some cutters I have, the hearts come in 3 sizes and I used the larger two sizes. The large heart s about 5 1/4" across, the smaller about 3 1/2". The first attempt I tried sewing the right sides together and turning through, but the fabric is very bulky now it is felted and was rather lumpy when turned, so I tried in wrong sides together and liked the look much better.

Cut 2 heart shapes from your felted wool fabric, you could also use boiled wool scraps, felt or fleece, but has to be something that wouldn't fray too badly. Cut a ribbon hanging loop, fold it over and tuck it between the layers, and put one pin through it. Next pin all the way around the edge through both layers, once you have pinned about 3/4s of the way round stuff the heart with soft toy stuffing, poking into place with a finger. Now pin the last section and make sure no stuffing is spilling out. You might find you need a lot of pins. Use ones with large heads so you can locate them to pull them out as you sew.

Starting at the bottom point work round anticlockwise sewing just outside the pin line to ensure no stuffing gets caught in the stitching. Dip down at the V of the heart to get a nice shape (don't sew straight across) and sew round the other side back to the point pulling out the pins as you go. Cut off your threads and trim round the edge with shears. Squish the heart a bit to distribute the filling nicely and give it a happy shape. Hang on Christmas tree, from hook or even on a door knob. Enjoy!!!


Sandra said...

I just love them! I'd buy them immediately if I saw them in person. Can you tell us how big they are and how you made them? Thanks for sharing this photo, Ruthie.

Jenni said...

Ooh, those are really, really cute. I just love those. Thanks for the instructions too. I think I might try and make some from left over boiled wool to hang on my fireplace at christmas... with beads on.

Kyle said...


Sandra said...

Thanks so much for the instructions, Ruthie, I'm going to save this.