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Monday, 12 November 2012

RTW Wide leg jeans

My home sewn jeans are not quite there yet and I like to have one pair of smartish jeans for more casual social occasions. My current favourite pair are wearing out, and a few weeks ago I tried on many many pairs to try to find some. By the end I was so fed up of the whole experience I didn't buy any, but made a note of the best ones, and waiting until I could get a second opinion.
So I went back to Wallis this Saturday and bought them. They are now out of stock on the website, and I bought the only pair in my size in that store at 20% off so I'm pretty happy about that.

The reason I am struggling is because trouser legs have gone skinnier in recent seasons, but my body shape has not, and I'm a pear with both a full derierre and chunky thighs. So these 'wide leg' jeans look like bootcuts on me! I shall keep an eye out now and hope Wallis bring out some black ones later in the year.

Even better news is I've found a cobbler who can alter knee length boots, so I shall take a pair in for alteration (I have several pairs from my plus sized days which are baggy in the calf now). I may find I suddenly have loads of boots back in rotation and a rush to wear skirts!


Jenni said...

Very smart jeans. I'm impressed by the finding of a cobbler who will alter your boots.

Eva said...

Beautiful jeans. I really know how you feel on jeans - I am also still not there with a good pattern, and I went shopping for some two days ago. :P I went with MAVI-Mona jeans, but there is still room for improvement. I come to the conclusion, that jeans are just not for us pears with thighs?!