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Sunday, 18 November 2012

Gingerbread family

Four of the recent gingerbread men were made with a different cutter and I added them as a little extra novelty gift for my friend E and her family. I hugely enjoyed these, but will understand if they don't get packed away with the genuine treasured heirlooms!
They seemed a bit bare so I made them little outfits from the scraps bag a fellow SG member gave me recently.
The clothes are the same on the back, but they are lacking hair, maybe there will be some customising happening in E's house.
You really can use teeny scraps for this and it is huge fun, though they are very home-made looking!!!


Cherie said...

Ruthie, love your blog, haven't commented recently, but you go girl! Anyway, harking back to last week's post on wardrobe, would the suiting you showed the week before with both brown and blue in it work as a jacket that would include both the blues you plan and the browns, includng the brown leather skirt? Just a thought! I have loved your SWAPs through the years!

Cherie (from Arizona, USA!)

SewRuthie said...

It probably would (though the blue is lighter and more tealy). I just got a bit scared off my matching the plaid! Plus i do love the navy and white tweed and really want to use it.

Sandra said...

These fully clothed gingerbread men are oh so cute! Are they glued on or removable? These might make a cute project to do with some little ones I spend time with. Thanks for sharing these pictures.