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Friday, 30 November 2012

Frugal Fabric Fridays: Christmas Special #1

The 'Frugal Fabric Fridays' will start officially in January, but I'll share some Christmas themed ideas with you until then.
This week I've not had chance to do anything new so will share with you the fabric based items I've made recently with some ideas of what you could do with your own scraps.
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The three projects I wanted to share with you are
these are made from a 100% wool jacket accidently felted in the washing machine. If you've not been this daft, you need to use some other non fraying fabric.
Fleece, felt and boiled wool would all be suitable. The idea of this whole series is to not go buy anything new but use up scraps, so if you don't have any of the above, you can still do this project with ordinary woven fabric scraps, but will need to either sew right sides together and turn the hearts through, or cut the raw edges with pinking shears and live with a bit of fraying.
Red, pink and prints containing those colours are the obvious choices, but neutrals/tan also work well, as do other 'pretty colours', blue, yellow etc.

these are made from a chartreuse silk scrap in a scrap bag from a fellow sewer. The trunks are made from a little tab of felt. Because the edges are enclosed you can use a fabric which is more likely to fray for these.
As it's a very stylised, you may want to stick to the roughly green palette in order to remind yourself it is a tree. Having said that if you plan to hang this actually on a Christmas tree, a lighter or contrasting colour would work better.
Gold or cream could be really nice and work with lots of colour schemes.

these are based on the patterns you can find at FleeceFun.com. No affiliation but why re-invent the wheel? I've used the lined curly toed stocking and my fabrics were as follows:-
main stocking a small piece of velvet remnant in my stash; cuff - cut from a sheet in a fabric sample book; lining cut from sheeting leftover from making a fitted sheet for my folding guest bed.
I’ve used blue which although not a traditional Christmas colour is a favourite colour for many people.
You can use all kinds of things for Christmas stockings. It does help if the fabric used for the main body has some weight to it, e.g. velvet, fleece, drill, upholstery fabric etc. The lining can be any thinner/lighter weight fabric, and the cuff can match or contrast. I’m planning to make some more stockings using the blue velvet and various contrasting cuffs from the fabrics in my sample book. I’m also going to look in my scraps to see what I have in red and green, and maybe even cream, gold etc

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Sandra said...

I'm just getting back to a bit of blog reading. Yes, Ruthie, Frugal Fabric Fridays is a great idea! And I like these Christmas projects you've put in one place. Your wool felt hearts inspired me, and I am working on some ornaments made from some fabric leftovers: red felted wool and blue plaid flannel. I'll put together a short blog post about them, hopefully in the next day or two.