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Friday, 2 November 2012

Fabric purchases

I had a day of leave from work today and spent the first part sorting out receipts, but then I rewarded myself with a trip out to Economy Fabrics, where I purchased a few bits of fabric.
This is a budget roll end shop, so you get what they have, and it wasn't all stuff I wanted, but a good rummage about produced some goodies, and I thought you might like to see them.

First off the bolt at £2 per metre, dark charcoal brown trouser fabric with slight stretch. Mystery content so will wash before using. In the centre thin cotton Christmas fabric, will use to trim stockings etc. And at the end some stretch orange knit, planned for tops.

Next up some striped fabric in a tube, just 1.5 metres of this for a little top to wear with jeans but at £1.00 a metre from the remnants bin not breaking the bank. Some scraps of ribbon to make more red woolly hearts.
and finally this adorable high end fabric (leftovers from dressing showhomes apparently), just remants at £1 per metre. The 'Sonar' from Crowson will become Shopping Bags for the Christmas Market, and any left will be Christmas Gifts for friends/family.
I may be unable to part with the 2m of "Kya" by Romo as its a modern take on my all favourite leaf motif and I just love it so much, so that's just going to go into stash for now, whilst I plot what I shall do with it. It doesn't work with any of my colour schemes though so may end up as bags in the end.

So a happy shopping trip and all of the above for £15.00. Right better get back to Christmas Market sewing.


soisewedthis said...

oh fun! i really like those last 2!

Kathleen C. said...

Could you dye the Kya without losing the hand of it? Then you can match it to your decor! It would make a very nice cutain.

Jenni said...

ooh, lovely. I would have thought the Kya would make the most fabulous patch on your planned patchwork sofa. But its all lovely.