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Monday, 5 November 2012

Home made Christmas decorations

In addition to the felted wool hearts I've also used air drying clay for other decorations - red hearts, gold stars, green sparkly Christmas trees and surprisingly my favourites 2 little candy canes. Everything was dry today so I added ribbons and hung them in my display case.
For those interested in the display case, it is a wide but shallow drawer saved from a broken ikea desk lined with cork floor tiles cut to size, glued down and varnished. For transport I lay it down flat, but for display lean it up with the drawer front as the base. I'm also planning on taking a small Christmas tree and displaying some of the ornaments hanging from the branches, hopefully people will buy them off the tree.

Once the Christmas market is over I shall use the display case flat for threading bead necklaces. A great way to stop all those beads rolling about the place.

I also already have sewn 12 cushions, 7 aprons, a laundry bag, a christmas stocking and a shopping bag. I'll add some fabric and clay gingerbread men, and definitely some more shopping bags, anything else may be time permitting!

I think the candy canes are gorgeous though and am wondering if I need some more.

The Christmas Market is on Saturday!!!!


Sharon said...

You have been very productive and great use of the old Ikea drawer.

Jenni said...

Very cute, and a very sensible use for an old drawer. Very clever idea.

Alison said...

Wow Ruthie you have been really busy! I definitely agree with the idea of bringing along a small Christmas tree, when my friends and I hosted a holiday sale, having ornaments on a tree seemed to encourage folks to buy them