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Friday, 23 November 2012

Blue velvet Christmas Stocking

Here's the first of (hopefully) many different Christmas stockings for my friends and family.
This is based on the Curly Toed Stocking pattern from Fleecefun.com with the centre section made wider to take a small picture frame as the wrapped gift inside.
The main fabric is a rich denim blue velvet. The cuff is an upholstery weight cotton stripe. The lining for both the cuff and the stocking is a lighter weight cotton sheeting fabric. The curly toe is stuffed with batting to keep its shape, and the lining is just a 'normal' shaped toe.

Even though it is the first I love it very much, and plan to make lots more, all different, with style and fabric variations.


Deb said...

Ruthie that stocking is adorable!

Sandra said...

O Ruthie, that is just so cute! I love it! I'll check the link to learn about the size etc. you work so quickly. Sometimes I over think projects and would have more fun if I just jumped in and got started. Thanks for sharing this, and I hope you have a nice weekend!

Kyle said...


Jenni said...

Oh that's just darling. I am sure the recipient will just love it. What lovely work. I hope you enjoy making the others. I'm looking forward to seeing what fabric choices you make for future versions.

Ann said...

Very nice! Have fun making more of them!