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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

SWAP Planning

I am still madly creating things for the Christmas Market on Saturday. However in the odd moments of down time I have of course started thinking about SWAP (Sewing With A Plan).
I am thinking along the lines of week and weekend. The 'week' part being formal office wear - probably even a suit, with skirt and trousers which match the bridging piece which is a jacket. The 'weekend' part would then wear the tailored jacket with jeans or a leather skirt, and I'd have several tops in each collection which were more formal or more casual.

This would be a few challenges for me - making a (speed) tailored jacket, making jeans, sewing my first ever leather garment, and creating a suit for work. I would then have mostly knit tops as they are my simple pieces, but things I wear a lot out of the home-sewn section of my wardrobe.
The blue and brown prompted a thought of a length of suiting fabric given to me a few years ago. This is a really nice check with includes both blue and brown. I wonder if 3.4 metres of 150cm wide fabric is enough for a simple jacket, a pair of wide leg trousers and a skirt in a size 16? (That's 3 3/4 yards of 60" folks, BUT its a 3" check)

Here's a shot of the fabric, with a 6" gauge showing the size of the check.

If I go with this plan I have quite a few challenges
1 - sewing a suit good enough to wear for work
2 - sewing a jacket that fits (see 1)
3 - matching the check on 3 garments!
4 - sewing a blouse good enough to wear to work
5 - sewing a garment from leather
6 - sewing jeans good enough to wear out

The co-ordinating knit tops should not be too much of a problem, but are only 5 of the 11 pieces!


Оксана Титова said...

Good luck , Ruthie!

I am sure you'll cope with all those changes!Waiting for the final picture.

twotoast said...

Your plan sounds fun . . . !

I think that you might be struggling with your check fabric and the items that you wish to make. You can probably get a skirt with about 1m, pants 1.5m and 1.5m for a jacket - but that would be without matching your checks - but you never know, the pattern may just fall right for you!

Good Luck :)

Jenni said...

That looks to be falling into place but sadly I have to agree with twotoast...I'm not certain you can get three items from that length of fabric AND match the plaid unfortunately.
However, I'd love to be proved wrong on that one as I really think the fabric is perfect for drawing your jeans/leather together into a whole and cohesive collection. I suppose a front and back panel on the skirt in the plaid with a toning darker fabric for the side panels would be too casual for work. I'm thinking a skirt version of those fab shift dresses with black sides and a coloured centre panel.

SewRuthie said...

Jenni you might be onto something there, and I even have a pattern for it - Simplicity 1760 view F. I do wonder about the wisdom of checked trousers on my ample rump though and it may not pass the bf test.

velosewer said...

I like your plan and I know you are a whizz at completing SWAPs.

I've just finished my first leather pencil styled skirt and I used a recycled leather jacket ($20) to get used to sewing with leather. I'll post it up soon so you can use what I've learnt - so far.

Sharon said...

Yes I also agree with twotoast I don't think you have enough fabric for the 3 pieces, but Jenni has got a good suggestion and then make the skirt and jacket and use what is left for a vest, good layering piece.

L said...

Your plan looks great, Ruthie. I've been largely absent from the sewing world over the last few days due to an increase of work. The holidays are nearing, so hopefully I'll have some time to start planning for the SWAP. As usual, I'll be following your progress with interest.