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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

More patchwork sofa cover

OK, so hopefully you can see where I am going with this, so I have a few questions...

Currently I have one print and several plains, do you think I need some more prints? I tried some others from my stash (little leaves etc) and they didn't really work.

I feel my rainbow is a bit lacking on the whole blue/purple front and want to add more in this, do you agree?

How large/small do you think I need the pieces to be in the patchwork to give a nice aesthetic?
How much does the chair need to be like the sofa to look like it was deliberate?

Do you think I can use larger pieces on the sides and back, or should I have similar sized piecing all over?

Fabric content - I have some cotton, some poly. Can I mix them successfully if everything is prewashed and pressed?

Closures - do I need to go with long zippers on the cushions, or could I use buttons, velcro etc instead.

My plan was to start first on the chair as it is slightly simpler, and much smaller. In order to share the fabrics between the pieces, I planned to give the chair 1/3rd of the fabric yardage, and the sofa 2/3rds and try and balance the design between the two, so whilst not the same they look like they belong together.

Any other tips from anyone who has made loose covers for furniture? (I've covered beanbags, cushions, made duvet covers, pillowcases and curtains as well as clothing, but never loose covers for a sofa or chair).


Far said...

Hello! I have never recover any furniture let alone patchwork ones. I do need to make a loose cover on our sofa tho before our 2yo cover it with his milk, yoghurt and whatnots. So, I will be watching (reading) with much interest. :) Pointers on how you measure and make one (loose cover) or where to find these info on how to do so will be much appreciated... ;)

Far said...

Oh, by the way, for me looking at your design inspiration pictures, maybe if you want to add a couple more prints to check out stripes and such to balance it out? Rather than more floral/leaves motives?

Kyle said...

I have no tips to offer but my hat is off to you for this project! Can't wait to see the end result!

RhondaBuss said...

I wouldn't mix fabric types. Go with colors that you really love as you will be looking at this piece of furniture for a long time. You want something that makes you smile and makes you want to sit on it.

Terri K said...

Ruthie, I'm assuming you are making a slipcover They are infinitely easier than reupholstering furniture. Laura Ashley's decorating books ontain a lot of ideas and how-tos because she used them a lot. Besides, if all the fabrics are washable, you can remove and wash slipcovers and cushion covers. There are lmany DIY how-tos on slipcover measuring and construction on the internet. Good luck.

Dixie said...

An ambitious project, for sure. The photos you show are very inspiring. I don't have any advice, but I encourage you in your efforts!

sheila said...

I go with Rhonda's comment. I've just determined my decorating style (at the advanced age of 57!!!!) as Boho chic. Years and years of trying to create matchy-matchy and elegant decors, while not quite getting it right, have come to an end. It was an epiphany! Now,I'm going for colour, rich colour and lots of it; gorgeous fabrics - velvet, silk etc. Early days but just looking at the variety of colours in my living room make me happy. And happy is great!
BTW I'm recovering my sofas too,but I'd bought the fabric ages ago,so will go with the boring brown,but spice it up with gorgeous throws and jewel-coloured patchwork cushions!
Go for happy colour!
Sheila in Brussels

Kathleen C. said...

I think the weight is more important than the fiber content... match the weights of the fabrics so that they lay and drape the same.
I do agree with the more prints. Maybe a geometric or stripe to go with the floral?
And I would say zippers or buttons but not velcro. If when sitting the cushion fabric is stressed the velcro could pop (with that lovely ripping sound). Oh, wait... lower or upper cushions? On upper it might not matter...

L said...

I also agree with Rhonda in not mixing fabric content. The polyester may not press well and wrinkle at the seams. Plus after a lot of sitting, it might start to pill.

My favourite is the chair featured in the sixth photo. It has lots of plains and splashes of prints. Go with what you like and will enjoy. I will be following your journey!

Eva said...

Hi Ruthie,
my mother made several covers for the sofa and chairs of my siblings, I myself used to have a loose cover for my sofa. First off - no velcro. Especially on the sitting area. You won't believe how much stress is on the sitting part of a sofa until you try something like that or (now to one of your questions) a loose cover. With sort of a big blanket lain across you will need constant (and I mean constant) readjustment. Each time your bottom moves a bit on the sofa or chair, the fabric will move. So I am not for loose cover ups.
With sofa and chair, it worked well to nail (there are special nails, bullen-nails, easy to remove later) sewn covers to the whole sofa/chair (just as the regular cover is done) excluding the seat cushions. And the seat cushions are done like pillow cases. You will have the most wear at the seat part, so put your most durable fabric (thick and densly woven) there. You might have to replace that part after some time, so make is easy to replace. My mother made the third cover now for my brothers sofa for the sitting part, no new for the backrest or armrest. Cotton, poly you can mix but do find sturdy, densly woven, durable fabric. No thin cotton.Upholstery fabric is thick for a reason.