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Monday, 15 October 2012

Standing desk

I read an article at lunchtime about how standing desks were better for you than always sitting.
So I cleared off the top of a 3' bookcase and stood at it working on my laptop for the afternoon. When my feet got sore I sat on my bar stool from the kitchen for a few minutes before standing again.
Anyway it felt like I was more alert working like that, and I was definitely moving around more, so I decided to completely reorganise the space by putting the current desk top on top of two bookcases. This has of course completely messed up the whole study and there is piles of random stuff everywhere.

I've moved the gateleg table through into the room as well so I can sit down if I decide standing is a daft idea. I will let you know how I get on with it once its done.

Quite a lot of the stuff in boxes on the bookcases needs sorting through anyway, so having it all out is not necessarily a bad thing, its just made rather a mess for now.

I hope this is not going to prove to be one of those  - what WAS I thinking???? moments :D


Lisa Laree said...

Gotta laugh at the photo of the lady standing w/those spikey shoes. I've heard the word about working at a standing desk, too, and would actually like to give it a try...but in sensible shoes... ;-)

jemilyea said...

I enjoy standing up and working, although I've not yet rearranged my home computer space. At work, I'm sometimes at a counter-height computer.

RhondaBuss said...

Something new is always worth a try. I'll be interested in seeing how it all turns out. You may have started a revolution!

soisewedthis said...

There is a lady at my office who has back problems so she has a standing desk. I sometimes think I should try standing as well or at least move around more. Sitting in the same spot can be a pain in the rear, literally

Karen said...

Were you wearing your stilettos?

Jane M said...

Those shoes are a hoot but I must admit that I do some of my best thinkng and planning standing at my high cutting table....barefoot.