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Monday, 8 October 2012

Fabric Purchased

So I wasn't going to buy anymore fabirc, but I purchased some nice charcoal trousers on sale a little while ago and wanted a charcoal grey top to make a column. The stash had nothing suitable in stock, as grey is not one of my best colours.
The fabric has been lightened by the flash and is a darker grey than shown. This is a really nice ponte da roma type fabric, so should wash and wear like iron. I plan to make a soft roll collar top as this is a very practical winter style for me, and then a knee length elastic waist skirt from the leftovers.

Although simple that will then give me a charcoal grey trouser column or a charcoal grey skirt column which can be worn under various strong colour jackets.

I've another 5 projects first, though may switch the order if this one starts bugging me to be sewn!

I suspect stashes could do with more basics and less sparkly shiny stuff!

I am still thinking about patchwork loose covers for my sofa and armchair.
And really enjoyed these designer versions from Kelly Swallow.


zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Gray is one of my favorite neutrals. It will be good to see what you come up with for that piece.

The chairs are stunning. Wish I had the courage to re-upholster my two big chairs in that way.

Janine said...

Charcoal grey goes with just about anything including sparkly stuff ! A simple dark grey skirt will be very useful and look professional as well .

Linda T said...

What cheery furniture!

RhondaBuss said...

Oh please do the patch work upholstery. I have loved this look for such a long time. I think it looks so bright and inviting.

Karen @ Confessions of a Home Ec Dropout said...

Definitely do the chairs! My friend is doing her sofa cushions!