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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Autumn Print Cami

I made this little cami from some of the leftover knit scraps from the John Kaldor leaf print I'm using in my Autumn collection.
For extra length and added security I added a band around the top. The straps cross over so there is no danger of them falling off the shoulder and its a neat and snug fit. This will be worn under wrap and knot front tops/dresses to avoid wardrobe malfunctions! I have LOADS of brown and ornage things, including a dress in this same fabric, so I expect it to get a lot of wear.
I didn't use a pattern, instead tracing a pattern off a purchased cami, and then modifying construction to suit my purposes. This could be a great way to use up small scraps of knit yardage left from other projects, so I am sure the pattern will be in regular rotation in future wardrobes. I didn't make a pattern for the bands/straps. They are cut from the leftovers and are 2" wide before seaming. I made them longer than required and trimmed to fit.

I have only small scraps left of this lovely fabric, though if there's enough for cap sleeves I may modify the sleeveless shell at some future point.

I did a few small repairs/alterations today, but need to get on next with the striped jacket, as I would have a suit immediately as I have trousers already sewn up.


Jenni said...

That's going to be a very useful top in your wardrobe. Very pretty. That fabric has stretched to make several things hasn't it? Very much worth the money.

Sharon said...

Very cute cami and it will be so handy.

Unknown said...

Nice work Ruthie.

soisewedthis said...

Nice design and I love that print!