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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Mini Wardrobe Voting

I failed to even finish the first item in my mini wardrobe plan but 27 other people have managed to finish, photograph and post their entries and they are all here on the Pattern Review Mini Wardrobe 2012 page, where you can view them all and vote for up to 5 which take your fancy. You need to be a PR member, but its free to create an account.

I must admit there were several that I wanted to have directly in my wardrobe as long as the sizing was closer to my owm, and as always found loads of inspiration in how people had put their collections togather.

I will do an Autumn summary at the end of October, see if I've actually managed to produce anything resembling a co-ordinated collection!


Ann said...

Thank you for linking to it. I voted.

Life does get in the way when we plan on sewing. Hope you can do the next contest.

Janine said...

There were so many great wardrobes so it is good to have 5 votes but I think you have to be PR member for a few months before you can vote.