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Friday, 12 October 2012

Knot front leaf print dress

I decided to stop planning things and actually finish something off. This dress needed sleeves, side seams and hemming, so I finished it off this evening.
So here is another part of the Autumn 2012 sewing, a knot front print dress. Imagine it with a chunky orange necklace, brown suede knee boots and a wide stretch belt.
 This is from New Look 6071, and I'm going to use the scraps to make a little cami too I think :-)
L asked about the fit of the pattern and I thought others might be interested.
I have tweaked the fit of the dress becuase I am not standard. I have a forward head/rounded upper back, so I've removed a wedge from the front neckline and added it at the back neckline. It's still very low and I generally wear a little cami underneath.
I am a pear shape and a whole size bigger on the hips/thighs, so I've also flared out to the next size on the skirt.
Mine is a skimming fit rather than fitted, and makes the most of my smallish bust and skimms over my tummy/hips etc. New Look seems close to envelope size, so I am sewing the size which matches my measurements.
This is a style which works for me - emphasis at the bust, lots of shaping though not tight through the waist and gently flaring skirt. This is flattering for my pear shaped figure. I could see it working well on an hourglass too, though it might be too much bust empasis. An apple/straight figure would probably need to alter the waist shaping to be straighter. So I think how good a fit it is depends on how well this style works for your shape. Like other New Look patterns I've tried recently it has a relaxed but not oversize fit (seems less ease than Simplicity for example). I like a lot of New Look as the alterations seem fairly consistent and I get good results often.
I know it really helps to see the items being worn and I will try to model at some point.


Judith said...

Beautiful autumn fabric, and a great style of dress to match. Love the sound of your accessories to go with this dress...

Ann said...

Beautiful dress and it looks good with your Autumn 6 PAC

L said...

How do you like the fit of this pattern? I thought about buying it (or did I...hmmm), but wasn't sure how it would fit across the bust.

I applaud you for finishing the dress. My wool coat is *so* close to being finished, it's really sad that it isn't! All I need to do is install the shoulder pads, add belt loops and sew the facing/lining unit to the coat. The darn thing is even hemmed already! This weekend...maybe...lol

kbenco said...

What a nice print. The line drawing looks really interesting. Do you like it on?

SewRuthie said...

Karen its very flatering on. Its a really good style for me, I need to make some more!