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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Kate's Style Analysis for Ruth

The lovely Kate has won the SWAP on Stitcher's Guild the last two years and it turns out she has training in colour and wardrobe analysis and clearly knows how to put it into practice for herself with stunning results.
Now sadly, I didn't love my SWAP much this year when it was done, so I asked her for some advice on style for my body shape, personality and lifestyle.
Now I have to confess that what I wear is not necessarily what I sew, some me-made things are in regular rotation, but I also wear lots of RTW. I've been doing outfit shots over on my old blog to try and establish what works, as photos look a bit different than squinting at yourself in a mirror.

The goal I shared with Kate was that “I would like to nudge my sewing more in the direction of fabulous things I want to wear rather than easy things that are quick to sew.”
You can read the first part of her response here.
Kate's Style Analysis for me


Summer said...

I agree that it is better to sew something that takes a little more work if it will be a fabulous work horse, than to sew something was just to have something new, or to use up a remnant of fabric. I think you have great sense of what works for you on your own, but to have a professional's input will be great, too! Good luck in building rhe perfect wardrobe for yourself! I'm trying to do that for myself, too.

Fabrickated said...

Thank you for your friendship and generously putting yourself out there as a model Ruth. You are a good sport as well as a great seamstress. I think you already have a good understanding of what suits your body shape, and I really am only suggesting a few "tweaks". I would love to do your colours too.

Unknown said...

I love your red blazer/jacket Kate featured on her blog. Both the colour and style were very suitable for you. I could not find that jacket on your blog anywhere. Did you make the jacket yourself? If so, would you mind sharing which pattern you used?