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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Ruth's Adventure's with Machine Dye

I bought this skirt in the charity shop.
It was £1. I think because although it was a lovely linen mix skirt it had a really nasty polyester lining that felt like wearing plastic. However I looked at the label and had an idea.
I cut out the nasty polyester lining, laundered the skirt and then dyed it denim blue with a Dylon machine Dye.

As you can see it says cotton, linen and viscose will dye OK so I threw a few other items in and went ahead.
The end result is this lovely soft denim effect.
Its quite long, so may get shortened a bit as I experiment with Kate's advice, or I may just embrace my inner hippy and wear it with chunky blue sandals.


Fabrickated said...

Lovely colour - it also seems to be a very even dye. I hope we get some more warm weather so you can get to wear it.

Linda T said...

I've used Dylon dye before---very easy and almost no mess! Skirt came out so nice!

Dawn said...

Nice change! One of my favorite skirts was a white cotton one that I bought for my granddaughters to play dress up with. It was cheap and full. On a whim I tried it on and loved the way it looked, but not the white. A box of dye later and I've worn it a lot. You have to wonder why such an icky lining gets put into a nice skirt.

Summer said...

Your skirt turned out beautifully! I would live to try it, too. But, have a few questions. Is the color permanent? No running on subsequent washings? Did the machine rinse out without any leftover residue? Thanks for posting about the dye and for letting us see the results.

Jenni said...

the skirt came out brilliant, love it and so much more wearable that colour