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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My thoughts on Kate's Style Advice: Part 1

You may recall Kate's two posts on
Style Analysis for Ruth
Style Advice for Ruth

I'm carrying on with my thoughts looking now at Kate's Style Advice.
Style Advice
1. Ruth has a semi-shaped body so looks best in semi-fitted styles. The two outfits (above) would classify as semi-fitted. Her best look is to create a slight waist emphasis, following her natural curves. This would include softly shaped shoulders (no heavy padding). Ruth will suit styles in fluid fabrics (Ruth likes working with jersey). Lots of styles suit her but it would be good to avoid the extremes – neither a boxy outline nor a very fitted curved shape. I haven’t checked Ruth’s colouring specifically but I think this red and navy outfit is great in terms of both colour and shape.

So I would agree with this. The style examples Kate picked out of my various self-sewn and RTW shots are all where the skirt/trousers have a shaped facing rather than a waistband. I find this is a very good style when you want to have your tops worn out (rather than tucked in) as there are no lumps and bumps from zips/buttons underneath and I think it minimises a tummy. It is a style where the garment has to fit fairly well, so if your weight fluctuates you'll need to put the elastication you need in the back waist or have several sizes.

She has also chosen outfits with the tops worn out over the skirt/trousers, which she and DBF prefer.
These navy trousers are M&S wide legs and still pull a bit over my full behind.

I notice Kate also picked the ones with me wearing longer strands of beads, which is interesting as I have them in various lengths.

I do already add gentle shaping to my self sewn knit tops.


Fabrickated said...

Lovely looks Ruth.

Jenni said...

The red jacket is a particularly good length on you and I like the whole look with the red over the dark neutral. It looks very smart and flattering and the shade of red is great on you.

Eva said...

Ruthie, I too think this combination with the red jacket (and also without it, as shown in Kate's blog) is just spot on. Just the right length for the top, just the right length for the overlayer (in this case jacket), not too wide at top, and those wide legged trousers look great! A great shape for you - semi fitted at top, a bit wider (but not too wide) at bottom.
What do you think about Kate's suggestion about skirt length? (Did I miss a comment about it?) I myself struggle with showing off my knees (as I don't think they are a good feature), but must admit that when it comes to the outfit silhouette, a length ending just above or half way over the knees is much better. But it takes confidence (at least for myself), and I just started daring to cut the skirt shorter with my summer knit dresses this year. Maybe I'll try a skirt in autum to wear with opaque tights...