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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Small ironing board

My main ironing board is too large for anywhere upstairs in the new house, so when I saw this one, which is more of a 3/4 size board, in the supermarket I decided to get it.
It has a 97x34cm ironing surface area and was only £10. I may need to add some extra padding as its fairly thin (it is a 'Value' model hence the smaller size), but there is room  to put it up on the landing and still get in the doors to the bedroom and bathroom so a big win for me.
If I moved some stuff out of the sewing room I might even be able to get it in there, though its pretty tight so maybe that's not such a good plan.

I will move the big ironing board downstairs and use it for ironing clothes (as opposed to pressing bits of sewing projects) since I like to do the ironing whilst watching TV.

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Jenni said...

what a good idea. Great having one upstairs and one downstairs. they are a pain to move beteween levels so much more convenient.