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Thursday, 9 July 2015

Wearing the pink tee

I've worked out a place where the wheely bin can take the camera on self timer that doesn't get direct sun, so you can get shots of me wearing things.

Hmm I think it needs a bit of a press and maybe looser sleeves next time.
It is soft and stretchy and will be a lovely PJ top, though too pale for me in everyday wear I think.


Jenni said...

I think it is wearable but agree its not your best colour. One option you could try for future fabrics that shade is a darker contrast neck band and sleeve band to add colour right next to your skin but this also ramps up the level of casual in the look which may not always be desirable.

Faye Lewis said...

That's a good looking tee.

Faye Lewis said...

That's a good looking tee.

SueC56 said...

Looks comfy.

Alison said...

Looks like a wonderful upgrade to your PJ collection, but I concur that it is not the best color for you, for daywear.

Fabrickated said...

I don't dislike this colour on you. I think this looks like a RTW T - pretty impressive. I agree though that the sleeves could have just a bit more ease in them. Otherwise, what's not to like?