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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Wearing my recent projects: tunic, leggings, top and skirt

Here I am wearing the tunic and leggings.My hair is clipped up so you can see the fit better. I cut the back piece on the fold and there's pooling. I needed to be brave and have a centre back seam even with the angled hem. I'm not loving this olive colour on me but its an interesting experiment as I do quite like the tunic shape, especially from the front.

Next up the shorter top with the leggings, I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing these out but it shows the fit of the leggings a bit more.

A bit of wrinkling under the but, so probably need to just pinch a little bit out there before the next pair, though not too much of an issue under a tunic. These are so fantastcailly comfortable I can imagine some knit pyjama trousers for the winter.
Next up the two piece dress, where I dare say a few would like the hem on the skirt a bit shorter, but as it is this rises above the knee when I sit. If it was shorter when standing it'd be really short when sitting. I have a lump on the inside of each knee which is not very attractive so don't like to show it off too much!

I've been wearing my hair down today and it does make my face look less round but is hot and also obscures the fit, hence its clipped up here.


Ann said...

I like the leggings with both tops. I think you look well balanced in them with the short top. For the back of the longer top can you put three tiny pleats at the neckline and use it as a fashion design.
Pin the hem of the skirt up 1 inch and let us see it shorter.

Cherie said...

Nice outfits, Ruthie! Love the triangular hem tunic, and I like the color on you too. The skirt dress is terrific! I agree with Ann that 1 inch shorter would look very nice!


Dawn said...

I like the "pooling" on the back of the tunic. I saw it as a drape. I really like these looser leggings. They look great on you. I think I might like some too.

SueC56 said...

I think the olive color looks good on you and I like the shape of the hem.

The Material Lady said...

I think the olive looks good on you, and the tunic shape is great. I agree that the skirt might look nice a little shorter - not much, so I wouldn't worry about any knee concerns.

Fabrickated said...

I love the leggings. They fit really well and are very flattering. Definately good enough to wear out with a range of tops.

I also like the uneven hem top - it's looks really interesting and fun.

Overall some really good looks here Ruth. On skirt length it seems a few of your followers think a little shorter would look great on you Ruth. Maybe worth considering in future?

Jenni said...

Love all the looks but the uneven hem on the tunic looks fabulous. Also like the leggings worn with that.