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Friday, 31 July 2015

Sleevey completed

Well here is the completed sleevey.

It fits me like a snugly fitting knit top, with deep scoop front neck, very deep V back and long sleeves. As it is a dense polyester knit it is quite warm, so almost as warm as wearing a long sleeved top under a dress except the neckline and waist are not covered. It works under a cap sleeved dress, I don't think I actually own any sleeveless things any more so not quite sure why I made it and when I'd wear it!

I think it would be better in a mesh or more open lace, so it would be cooler.
It needs 4 way stretch fabric to have comofrtable sleeves, but basically it works as an idea.
And if you have bought a sleeveless dress and need something like this they are easy enough to sew with overlocker and coverhem/twin needle.
If you are making a dress then you'd probably give it sleeves in the first place.


Jenni said...

good idea for people who don't want the warmth of a full length top under their dress.

Dawn said...

I like the idea of giving a sleeveless dress a variety of looks with several pairs of these. You can do the same thing with a regular t-shirt, but the necklines often conflict. I could see a basic black sleeveless dress going dressier with lace sleeves or more casual with a colored sleeve.