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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Sew your own 'sleevey'

There are a few companies (Sleevey Wonders, Sleevey Magic,  EZ Seeves, Sassie Sleeves and UK based Cami Confidential who also do some great high front lace camis) making a modern version of a sleeve+bodice to wear under a sleeveless dress idea which I suspect goes back to the medieval chemise.

Anyway back to the modern version, where the idea is that you can wear something under your sleeveless dress to give the appearance of it having sleeves. Versions in mesh or stretch lace look quite interesting. To get the best effect these seem to have no shoulder seam and no seam on the upper edge of the sleeve, a deep scoop neck on one side and a deep V with clasp on the other, to avoid too much fabric pooling under the arms a variations on the Close Fitting Kimono Block looks like it would work quite well.

So here's my mini mockup of what a 'sleevey' might look like.
I've avoided an upper sleeve seam by splitting the deep V back open (and off grain but hopefully not a problem). I will have a go at making a mock up of this using existing TNT patterns laid out in this sort of arrangement and share with you in a few days.
Anyone else tried to sew their own 'sleevey'?

If you don't mind a seam where the sleeve joins the body then just use any close fitting knit top pattern, scoop the neckline out low front and back, use the selvedge of the stretch lace as the sleeve hem and finish the neck and  hem with fold-over-elastic (FOE).


Beth said...

Brilliant idea, I love the idea of this. As a sewer I knew I should be able to knock it off myself. I look forward to your muslin.

Sylvia said...

Thanks Ruthie,
You're doing the 'Lord's work' as the expression goes. it's no way I could or should put out $40 plus dollars on something as minimal as 'sleevies'. I'm so glad I followed my mother's advice and learned to sew.

Unknown said...

Hi, I am new to your blog and am so happy I found it. I was thinking like Beth said above, that no doubt one could certainly make their own version of the sleevey products being sold. Ruthie, have you come up with a muslin yet? I think I could make my own pattern, but can always use any help I can get! Thank you so much.

Unknown said...

Where's the follow-up post to this? Would love to see how it turned out.