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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Silk Culotte Slip

I already have a pair of these silk culotte shorts which I wear as a slip under skirts in the summer to stop my legs sticking together. I loved that pair so much I made 2 more pairs in beige cotton sheeting, but I didn't love them as much and they got KonMari'd recently, which left me with only one pair so I dug out the silk again and cut out 2 more, this is the first.

The original black silk ones were sewn in April last year - April Silk Culottes
People like to know which patterns I've used but since I don't just sew from the pattern it can be hard to explain.
Take any favourite PJ pants pattern (I used Burda 12/2007 no 127) with a front and back pattern piece. Fold them to the length you want (I go for just above the knee). Layout with the side seams approx 1.5" apart ensuring each piece is on the grain still and the hems and waist are in line.
Cut out as a single piece, then sew the front and back leg seams together, then the crotch seam, then hem the legs,  make a casing for elastic in the waist and add a little tab to the back waist so you know which way to put them on.
You could even do french seams particularly on that seam between the thighs.
I found that silk was good for this and polycotton sheeting was not as good. In future I would use any very thin cotton, silk or viscose (rayon) but not polycotton or anything thicker then a blouse weight.
I wear these under my skirts all summer long!

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twotoast said...

Great idea - just what is needed for the hot summer months! I've been wearing loose fitting three quarter length trousers under slips and dresses (Tina Givens Patterns) and that is a similar idea, although quite a different style. Silk sounds lovely though!