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Monday, 13 July 2015

More advice from Kate and a tunic experiment

Hi folks here's the next installment from Kate - Style Advice for Ruth
Processing all this info and trying it out in real life is going to take a while I am sure.

Meanwhile to go with the leggings/slim trousers I really fancied a different style of top because the ordinary tops would have felt a bit short with the slimmer cut of the leggings.
I didn't want a tunic that was long all the way round, and having just extra bits at the sides adds to the saddlebags, so I decided I wanted an offset angled hem. I experimented by placing a piece of tissue aginst myself and then used my existing top pattern with added roll neck and cuffs. It just seemed to be what worked with the fabric.
The fabric is a funky graffiti print. I'm not sure either it or the olive base fabric is very me, but it was useful for the experiment with this tunic shpae.
 Here it is with the slim trousers, the long point comes about half way down the thigh.
This is the Tunic extension pattern piece I created to lengthen my normal top pattern into an angled hem tunic.

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Fabrickated said...

This is an interesting idea Ruth, and I love the way you are being so productive. Would love to see the new outfit on! How do you feel in it?