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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Chocolate Collection 6PAC - variegated tweed cardigan jacket

I really loved this tweed, and thought of SWAP when I bought it. That must've been a few years ago as I have no memory of where I bought it or when, however I had serged the edges and pre-washed it so it was all ready to go.
Apologies for the horrible indoor shot. Once the Chocolate collection is done I'll done something in natural daylight where I show you them all together.
This is what the fabric really looks like. A dark brown background with a boucle effect in soft red, teal, soft green and ivory. Mystery fibre content.
As ever this uses the cardigan pattern from Prima November 2010, which I have found to be so very useful. Its slightly shortened and the flare reduced. I also positioned the sleeve hem and front band to take advantage of the pretty selvedge, and sewed the back neckband from the wrong side so it doesn't show when folded over in wear. I love the way the darker reverse shows round the neckline.

Excitingly after cutting out the cardigan I was able to cut out a skirt to match, though I've decided to have the darker side visible for the skirt and the selvedge applied as a trim. Once cut and sewn I will share that too, they could be worn together as a relaxed tweed suit or as separates with my teal, burgundy or brown pieces so hopefully will be very versatile.

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