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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Stash Shrinker

This was shared with me


And I decided to have a go with it and downloaded the spreadsheet template to use.

Rather than just start purely in 2018, I decided I would be more honest with myself if I went back to late December where I stopped sewing gifts/charity items and started sewing for me and also bought a big batch of fabrics from a local roll end shop.

I have sewn loads of projects in late Dec/January (12 apparently), but even with those its a while before I'm going to have earned the right to buy any more fabric!
I have one more January project in progress, but that's only cut out and no stitching started so it may or may not make it into January as a completed item.

So at this rate I need to sew another 6 or so garments (a whole 6 PAC!!! ) before I can buy any more fabric. Oh heck!

Happily I do have 6 new pieces planned and I'll tell you about those another day.

Just remembered I bought some fleece blankets to make more hats next year and a sweater knit throw to make a coatigan as well as some things I'd not mentioned on the blog (test for the coat pattern, lining for a skirt etc). Putting these in the spreadhseet shows just how dire the situation is. I am accumulating even when I don't think I am. Its a very helpful tool, even if I don't like what it is telling me!


Ann said...

Glad you liked and are using the Stash Shrinker. I have been using it also and really like it.

SewRuthie said...

Ah yes thank you Ann, it was you I think who posted the link on SG. Very helpful. Thank you.
I am going to stick with my simpler projects for the most part and see how much I can crank out.

Unknown said...

I'm so glad you are using the stash shrinker! Thanks for sharing.

Pamela Shadle-Flores said...

Oh dear, I think I will need to do this as well.