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Saturday, 6 January 2018

Teal panelled bias skirt

I really love this skirt pattern (Butterick 3972 OOP), and its great in cotton and linen fabrics, as it drapes nicely without hugging the lumps and bumps too much.
Its really clever how it takes 5 angular pieces (variations on triangles and a square) and makes a bias skirt. Its very economical to cut out (once shortened).
Its got a lot of topstitching which can be a contrast colour or close. Here I've used a slightly lighter teal, but just ordinary thread.
So now I am up to 8 pieces in my teal collection!
P.S. the skirt and trousers on the bottom row are both made from the same fabric. The skirt is a more accurate colour (its not that green). Maybe I need to retake the photo of the trousers.

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Linda T said...

Fabulous group/set, Ruthie!