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Friday, 5 January 2018

Word of the year for 2018

There's a thing around this time of year where people come up with one word for the coming year.
I tried this last year but nothing relalt resonated for me.
However this year its easy, because the word if really obvious to me and for me it is

This has two main aspects for me of HEALTH and LIFESTYLE.

Healthwise I've had problems with dizziness and balance since July 2017 and whilst it doesn't seem to be anything serious (I've had lots of tests and appointments) its taking a long time to get completely better, so my end goal here is to have improved balance and be able to go for walks, use stairs, function well in busy environments etc. I now have some exercises to do and am seeing some improvement which is good.

Lifestyle wise I want to balance work, home, family, relationships, hobbies, health etc by putting appropriate time and effort into each area. Here I want to be sensible and look after myself.

Have you got a word for 2018 and do you find the approach helpful?

Thanks Ruthie

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Bunny said...

Hope you get the balance issues under control. It can be difficult. My solution was the doctor teaching me the Epley maneuver which would bet yours has done at this point. It has really helped. Happy New Year and great health and balance for 2018.