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Monday, 8 January 2018

Next Teal plans

I have two more things in teal I am desperate to make, and which will take a bit longer than a knit top or an elastic waisted something.
They are a coat and some trousers.

This is the style of coat, though I plan to add a lining also.
The coat was the pattern inlcuded for subscribers to the UK women's magazine Prima in Feb 2015. (You may be able to find this on ebay but it is not available as a download etc)

And this is the style of trousers. This is a plus size pattern from Burda Feb 2010 #135.
I'll have 10 teal things once those are done, and might well give myself a break from teal and move on to a new colour (probably brown). I still have lots more teal and turquoise things I could sew but I'm in danger of having my sewing a bit unbalanced colour wise if I continue too far down that road now. However I can always revisit teal and turquoise again at another time.


tg33 said...

What pattern is the trousers? (I'm guessing from the style of the drawing it's from Burda magazine)

SewRuthie said...

Burda Feb 2010 #135.

tg33 said...

Thank you!

Anne said...

Good luck with your plans. I'm looking at a lot of navy!!
PS I'm working on the problem of line wrapping but it seems my sewing skills are better than my IT skills! As you know I'm also on RTW fast - today I bought a new PC (with the money saved?)! Maybe that'll help with the problem, we'll see.