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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Trousers - in progress

I decided for the next teal piece I wanted trousers, and am using some lovely teal linen for them.
I really like this pattern, (New Look 6216)  and plan to also make the top view C. It feels relaxed and current, and has nice slim legs on the trousers. It wasn't that hard to construct so I could see a careful beginner having good results with it.

Here's where I have got to so far today. This was far enough to actually try them on and discover they'll be OK.

I still need to add the waistband/elastic casing, add elastic, press, hem, and etc.
I'm probably going to scoop the back crotch a little and I'm definitely leaving out the drawstring, but they are large enough and should be wearable, I'll finesse the back crotch further in future versions.
I'm also planning a skirt in Butterick 3972, which makes the teal plan look like this.

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