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Thursday, 4 January 2018

New Look 6216 Trousers finished

New Look 6216 Trousers finished. They are made from a teal linen.
These are super comfortable and will be great casual trousers.
They look better on me than on the hanger and are a lot more turquoise than my terrible indoor night shot shows them.

Things I did differently (mostly for my own notes).
I cut a size 18 and sewed with a slightly smaller seam allowance.
I added both at the crotch and centre back height on the back piece , and then tapered the centre back seam to give a right angle again (though would replace this with a wedge next time).  I would also scoop the crotch a little next time.
I omitted the drawstring, and only used elastic. I would do this again.
I topstitched the waistband above the seam and below the fold to give a nice casing for the elastic. I would do this again.
I turned up the hems with a narrow hem as I think I will want to roll them up sometimes and it looks better. I would do this depending on the fabric used.
Next time I would add interfacing to the pocket edge, but for this version I like the pockets as they are.
I'm going to have to do a rack shot when everything is done to show the colours better.

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