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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

More coat thoughts

Some of the options I drew are not practical with the available yardage, however I do have one new one which I really like, and is closer too to my original inspiration.
In this (option 9), the sides are dark as is the back, sleeves and belt. The lighter bluer teal is only used for the front and front facing, which becomes the collar (and the back neck facing which I've not been showing).

This has the contrast distributed like my original inspiration coat and I reckon could be got out of the yardage I have available.

It takes on board a few points which people raised which were
- lots of people wanted the darker at the sides as they thought it was slimming
- a few people found the collar being a different colour to the front distracting, and I think I probably agree.

Other things I have added in as we go on this journey
- there is really limited yardage of both actual fabrics and I'm pretty sure the fabric quantities required is marked wrongly on the pattern. My calculations have at least 3.1 m for the knee length coat, this means some (lots) of the options I drew and people liked I just can't do.
- the bluer fabric is a litle softer and less scratchy then the greener, and I bet that would be nicer round the face where its most likely to touch my skin.
- Some of the designs seem very bitty with a lot of movement between the two colours, I might find it difficult to sew with enough precision in this heavy wool to have the sections lined up and looking good (on the two piece sleeve options etc).


Anne said...

Yes, this works nicely if you can manage with the yardage. Good luck.

Unknown said...

If you can manage it with your fabric # 9 would be the one. Have you contacted the pattern co to inquire about the yardage? If there are ideas that just don't work then X them out. Concentrate on ones that will. Also is this the only pattern, are there others that would give you what you want.
Becca G

SewRuthie said...

The pattern was free with a women's magazine, so its not a proper envelope pattern.

Linda Evans said...

I like this design the best!