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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Teal Fabrics

I pulled out all the teal fabrics and was a bit shocked when I laid them all out for the photo here
Three of these are ones I have used already but have some yardage remaining, two are for the coat, and another is the coat lining and another is just ribbing. Some are many metres, others only small remnants.
I could sew only teal garments for the entire year and still not be done!

There are many exciting options to mix the fabrics together in garments, for instance contrast sleeves and etc

I need to have a good think before I cut out the next teal garment.
Trying to keep myself on course with the SWAP plan, I need to avoid the various print fabrics (both above and others I have since found in the resources) and concentrate on everything going with this tweedy fabric which is to be a cardigan jacket
It has teal, burgundy and a lighter colour with a dark brown ground and is attractive on both sides. The other side is more brown and less of the colours.


Alison said...

I am loving all your different varieties of teal, and particularly looking forward to your colorblocked coat; I think that the colors here will suit you, and the pattern you have chosen for your coat looks like a perfect "Ruthie" style

Cherie said...

What a great choice of teal fabrics! That last tweedy piece is divine, and will certainly pull everything together. I hope sewing the wardrobe is as fun as it looks to be!