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Monday, 8 January 2018

Coat Options with teal blue and teal geen wool fabrics

I am planning to make a coat form this simple pattern
 The coat was the pattern included for subscribers to the UK women's magazine Prima in Feb 2015. (You may be able to find this on ebay but it is not available as a download etc)

It requires 2.9m x 150cm wide fabric.
I have two pieces of suitable fabric, both teal wool but slightly different.
One is 2.3m (darker/greener on the left) and the other 1.9 metres (lighter/bluer on the right), and I plan to use both to sew the coat.

In the picture above the turquoise represents the lighter wool, and the hashed green and turquoise represents the darker wool. In all cases the main front and back panels are from the darker wool and the side panels from the lighter, but I've played about with the sleeves, belt and collar facing in the others, including a couple of options for a two piece sleeve (which I would have to draft).

Updated with the green coloured in darker, more like the real fabric

Which do you like the best?

Here's the layout diagram.
Here are the opposite versions, switched round slightly. I don't think there is enough fabric for 5 or 8.
Most popular form FB, SG and blog was number 4.


Linda Evans said...

I think it would be more flattering to the figure to have the darker teal on the sides. So if you switched the fabrics, I would prefer #4. Can't wait to see it.

Unknown said...

#3 to me the collar being the same as the main body & sleeves is most cohesive
Becca G

Marie-Noëlle said...

#4 for me too