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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Turquoise print knot front top

Since there was still white threads on all the machines, I sewed this up tonight.
My cover stitching is getting better all the time!
A bold print but very me, and I've avoided getting the giant flowers in any unfortunate places :P
Though that was purely accidental, though fortuitous :D

The fabric is from the Remnant House in Harrogate and is still available at £3.75 a metre. Its on page 6 of the Jersey fabrics.
Link to Remnant House
It has come out well. I wore it to work today (Thursday) with a cami, a boring brown pant suit and a bold funky strand necklace.

The pattern is Kwik Sew 3549 with sleeves added from the Simplicity cardi wrap pattern.


gwensews said...

That's very pretty!

Joy said...

Pretty! I like turquoise and brown together.

Sharon said...

Love your top and the colours.

Unknown said...

Prints really make sewing a fun challenge sometimes... Love the top.

Carol said...

Love this print. It goes with so many colours, too.

Jenni said...

Very nice. I am sure I've seen that fabric before. It looks great made up and is very you.

sdBev said...

That's very pretty and would have definitely livened up your "boring brown suit"