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Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wednesday's progress and a RANT about Burda magazine

Tuesday I was away with work, got home late not feeling too well and went to bed about 8pm. That rather messed with any planned sewing and I managed nothing at all.
Today I should have been somewhere else with work but cancelled that and struggled out of bed to work from home. The morning was fuelled by coffee and cold meds but the afternoon was tough and I just wanted to go back to bed. Post evening meal and a chat with my fave sewing friend on the phone, I managed to interface the waistband pieces and do a few more work bits.
Tomorrow I might actaully construct the waistband but it depends how I am doing after another day of work.
My job is really interesting but requires quite a high energy level, and is hard to do effectively when feeling ill.
So I might find I've used up what I have 'getting things done' at work and have none left to do that in the sewing room.

A plus is that I worked out how to show the blogs I am following, as there were some I kep missing as I only read my own sidebar. There are some fun blogs out there if you have some time to spend reading rather than sewing.

< start rant >

Oh yeah, and finally, Burda magazine for AUGUST arrived yesterday. Folks thats the August edition of a Magazine arriving on the 24th of the month. That is horrendous! I can tell you that I WILL NOT BE RENEWING MY SUBSCRIPTION!!!!!!! I can buy it 3 weeks earlier in the stores, so they can stuff their subscription.
I have NO IDEA whats up with their subscription department, but really they should be able to get a magazine to a subscriber BEFORE its in the shops not THREE WEEKS later.
Why is it even in the US subscribers mailboxes on the other side of the Atalntic Ocean before its pootled across Europe from Germany to England?
I don't understand it, but I am not at all happy.
< end rant >

When I've stopped having a strop I might have a look at the garments and see what I want to make. :D Ruthie


kbenco said...

Sorry to hear that you are ill.
I'm glad your Burda finally turned up. I fancy the double layer knit t and was wondering if you would whip it up - undoubtedly before me, even though I have had the pattern for longer!
Hope you feel better soon.

Joy said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Ugh.

My Burda was 2 weeks late - I think that's the end of my subscription. Aug. issue was not well received in blogland, but I do like the short belted jacket/trench.

Branka said...

I've been very unhappy with Burda for a long time and will not renew my subscription either. I'm absolutly in love with Ottobre Design Woman magazine now, the patterns are excellent, they fit perfectly, and I want to sew everything they come up with!